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Projections & Impressions (P&I)   has been achieved through the vigorous and meticulous in-house development of systems & procedures that have been clearly articulated, during our two decades of experience in hospitality. We’ve achieved this with a philosophy of:

  • Keep things simple which makes it easy to understand

  • Create a dynamic work environment through an open, transparent and informal work culture which stimulates positive ideas

  • Design & equip the best facilities which provide a platform to deliver quality
    products and services

  • Identify & recruit the most talented Team Members who will use this platform to consistently deliver a ‘wow’ experience to our guests



In the world today, in mature and upcoming hotel markets, owners, investors, asset managers and operators strive to balance the expectations of every kind of worldwide guest with the need to unlock the strategic value in their business. It can be a challenge, but that’s what makes the hotel sector so captivating.

Our Hotel Solutions Partnership has the countrywide experience, expertise and flexibility to capture exactly what your hotel owners needs at any precise moment. From undertaking feasibility studies to developing a brand position, managing acquisition and development opportunities to putting the right management team in place, we offer solutions designed specifically for your needs. So we share your passion, and invite you to work with us.