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An alumnus of Hotel Management School Pusa New Delhi G S ARORA has more than 44 years of experience in hospitality industry majority of which has been in management positions both in hard core hotel operations and as a hospitality consultant. After his formative years at India Tourism Development Corporation (ITDC)

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Dinesh Daksh

An IHM Graduate with over 15 years of experience in a large number of restaurants and hotels. In his previous assignments he has developed and executed operational strategies & targeted on improving guest dining experiences as well as profitability and growth of the organization. He attaches special importance to human resource development including the establishment of staff training programmes. His affable nature and management style compliment his leadership qualities

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Vaibhav Gulati

An HM Graduate and a Gold Medallist, with a Higher Diploma from HTMi Switzerland. Has won chef competitions, with an in-depth appreciation and understanding of the culinary arts and his ever-burning desire for innovation makes him uniquely qualified. With his expertise in Kitchen and Human Resource development, an all-rounder in hotel operations.